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Difference Maker: Chief Daly

‘Lead by example’ is the mantra that Police Chief Greg Daly lives by every day. His impressive leadership skills and dedication to the community not only landed him a spot as November’s Difference Maker, but granted Chief Daly the Excellence in Leadership Award presented by The Colorado Department of Transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Chief Daly's upbringing steered him in the direction of being a leader. At a young age, Chief Daly watched his father lead a boy scout troop that his father started over 50 years ago. He witnessed his father for many years educate, encourage, and lead by example. Chief Daly collected those nuggets of wisdom from his father and has made it a part of his reputation. One way that he achieves this goal is through his dedication to Driving Under the Influence enforcement. Chief Daly mentors other officers on a daily basis to better protect the community from DUI-related fatalities. He is passionate and experienced in this field, with over 400 DUI career arrests.

This passion is one reason Mountain Youth has been excited to work with Chief Daly and the Avon Police Department. Mikayla Curtis, Mountain Youth’s Director of Strategic Impact, has done a great deal of work with Chief Daly and brags about his strong focus around impaired driving prevention and enforcement to keep our roads safe. Together, we have worked to bring the community the Tipsy Taxi, a program that provides a free and sober ride. Bars and licensees are supplied with vouchers to be given to taxi drivers, working together to improve sober transportation options to get people home safely. These efforts are building better relationships between bars and law enforcement to support each other in keeping our community healthy and safe. He hopes the community will utilize Tipsy Taxi more in the next year.

Not only has Chief Daly worked to make our valley safer on the roads, but he has been an integral community member in support of behavioral health needs. He has been a long-standing community member focused on preventing suicide in our valley. Chief Daly played a substantial role in the development of addressing suicide in our community. At the request of the Avon Town Council, the police department worked with other community partners and formed Speak Up Reach Out. “This collaboration is a daily community priority and passion of my own to increase awareness, to educate gatekeepers, and to provide hope to those in most need,” Chief Daly shares.

Chief Daly’s contributions toward making this community a safe place will never go unnoticed. His leadership exceeds the mission of Mountain Youth and the Town of Avon by providing positive wellness, safety, and strong community.

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