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Social Norms

Positive peer influence


Mountain Youth relies on the power of positive peer influence through the science-based and best-practice approach of positive social norms marketing. Oftentimes youth behaviors and attitudes are influenced by perceptions of what they believe to be the “norm.” By spreading positive messages taken directly from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey results, Mountain Youth attempts to align these misconceptions with reality. 


 Mountain Youth markets HKCS  statistics through the “Be Your Best U. ” campaign. This campaign has been youth-led from the beginning when we held two three-hour focus groups with middle school and high school students. They analyzed the data, picked out the most important behaviors that need to be shared, and gave input on what the designs should look like. For the month of December, we will be focusing on mental health, then bullying in January, and substance use in February.

2020-2021 Social norms Campaign

Be Your Best U.

Resources to Help Be Your Best U.