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What influences a community? How do we measure what factors are important to maintain and increase community health? These Big 10 ideas have been developed by Valley's Voice, and every community-benefiting project will fall under (at least) one of these ideas.


1:Recruit and Reward Youth

YOUth (age 9-25) should be rewarded for the good work they do that supports the community. How can we recognize individuals/groups to bring community benefit and rewarding experiences to youth?

While working on a Valley's Voice community project, you are paid for your time!


2: Prevent substance abuse and access through new policies, practices and education

Prevention and awareness for youth, businesses, and adults!

3: Safe Driving


So many ways that driving can be dangerous..

How can we encourage people to drive safer?

HS Bowling.jpg

4: Youth Master Plan

We want to see ALL Youth Thrive in Eagle County (it's our motto), what does Eagle County need that you/friends would really benefit from?

- Skate Park in Eagle?

- Free bowling night?

- Youth hangout that's open 24/7? - How-to Tik Tok series?

- Your Idea!


5: Mental Health

Brain chemicals seem to be changing- especially before 25 years old, and everyone has bad days. What if those days keep lasting?

How can I support my friends? What do adults need to hear about youth mental health?


6: Our Environment

We live in such a beautiful place, why does our environment matter so much?

- Trash in the parking lot?

- Lights at school?

- Solar panels at the park?



Let's talk about how to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We all belong and contribute to Eagle County's Character. Maybe this is a passion project for you?

Signs of OD  Hotlines.png

8: Substance Use

Vaping in the bathroom? Teammates hungover at games? Does natural mean 'good'? Fentanyl danger is on the rise, do you and your friends know what to do in case of an overdose? 


9: Kindness

The world always needs more kindness, how can we reach all sorts of groups of peole throughout Eagle County? 


10: Equity

Our community has over 200 nonprofits, over 3,500 businesses, and 55,000 people (maybe). How many ways can you build connections to strengthen Eagle County?

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