TU Guia | Your guide

Tu Guia / Your Guide is a youth-led and adult-supported program of Mountain Youth that started in May of 2020. It is for local high school and college students to tutor elementary students from all K-5th schools in Eagle County who may need academic assistance. Tutors create the academic lessons based on the students' needs with a component of social-emotional curriculum. The goal is to individually increase these students' academic levels. In addition, tutors are also working to assist the students' parents in learning how to do this work with their kids on their own in the future. It is a generational program, which makes it unique from other tutoring programs.


Become a Tutor

Work on social-emotional learning with 1-3 elementary students for one hour a week + one hour of lesson planning a week



Sign Up For Tutoring 

Parents and/or teachers can refer students to Tu Guia. There is an online application that needs to be completed as well as a permission slip that needs to be signed.