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Safe Driving

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Protecting Our Community by Protecting Our Roadways 


Mountain Youth is focused on educating young drivers about the perils of impaired and distracted driving and promotes Driving Sober & Alert. Through education presentations, community messaging, improving transportation systems, and pursuing strategies that prevent youth access to substances, Mountain Youth reminds young people to choose sober, safe and healthy behaviors. Through a five-year grant provided by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health and three-year grant funds provided by Colorado Department of Transportation, Mountain Youth will collaborate with local community partners to reduce and prevent impaired and distracted driving through Eagle County.


Mountain Youth engages community partners from a variety of professions and experiences to be a part of our Safe Driving Steering Committee. Interested in being involved? Please contact Mikayla Curtis.

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Mountain Youth and ECO Transit teamed up to create the Safe Ride program, which provides people with a free ride home from a safe driver after a night out on the town. We recognize that indulging in things like alcohol and cannabis will occur, but the decision that follows is crucial. One of our top concerns is to keep yourself and others safe by not getting behind the wheel. As a result, we're giving away free rides to a bus stop near you. Just ask your bartender about a free, sober, and safe ride

​​Safe Ride Program

Graduated Driver's License (GDL)

Graduated Driving Licensing Presentations

Mountain Youth and Colorado Young Driver Alliance collaborated to create a GDL toolkit to direct young drivers and their parents/guardians to resources that explain Graduated Drivers License laws and regulations.


Mountain Youth has spent the last few months creating a phone application to help guide youth, parents, and caregivers. The app is called CO GDL. When it becomes live, you can download it to your phone. You will have the chance to be quizzed on Graduated Driver's Licensing laws and restrictions, navigate a step-by-step walk-through on how to get your license depending on age, and explore additional resources. We will keep you posted on its progress! 

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