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Communities That Care

Eagle County: Where Youth Thrive!

Communities That Care lets young people have their voices heard and create change in their community. 

CTC has been in Eagle County since 2016 and is funded through marijuana tax dollars through 2020. This nationwide project uses a process that anchors protective factors to combat risk factors in the lives of youth. This unique program is offered through a grant received from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Mountain Youth partners with Eagle County Public Health for CTC.


Communities That Care follows five distinct phases and Eagle County is currently in Phase 5. The community assessment led to the selection of 3 specific environmental strategies to be implemented in Eagle County: 

  • Build public support for conventional enforcement of existing laws 

  • Leverage statewide mass media campaigns to change community and social norms 

  • Recruit and reward youth participation in community coalitions 


2020 Update: Action Plan 2.0!  

Three strategy teams, Media, Enforcement, and Youth Recruit and Reward, have been meeting on a regular basis, hosted by Valley’s Voice, to complete the components of the action plans necessary for Action Plan 2.0.  We are in Phase 5, a smaller, less detailed, action plan is being expanded upon and worked to be a fully comprehensive road map to what will be happening in Eagle County. This is not an easy task!  Our goal will be to have Action Plan 2.0 submitted by March 6, 2020. 

Additionally, members of the Community Board Maintenance Work Group's task is to share the strategies with your organization and answer questions. The idea is to inform organizations so they can be supportive of the strategies through Phase 5.  For your reference, the document they will be sharing can be found here.  


Learn how CTC is impacting Eagle County at


Contact Sandy Schroeder for more information..

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