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Life Skills For Students

Together we are stronger. It’s with this creed, that PEER and Mountain Youth teamed up to provide in-school programs that address prevention, teach critical life skills, resilience and healthy communication and behaviors. In other words, we’re working together to provide the best opportunities for young people to succeed at school, at home and in their lives, ultimately creating greater impact for youth in our community. 


Project Alert 

Delivered to seventh graders, Project Alert addresses the pro-drug mindset of today’s teens and effectively increases their likelihood to remain drug free. The best part of this 12-hour program is the discussion that follows. Students are eager for information and are engaged in their learning. We offer judgement-free answers and real life role playing to help young people avoid drugs. Almost 200 students participate in this substance use prevention. 


Botvin Lifeskills Training 

Young people are curious. It’s when their curiosity enters unsafe territory — drinking, smoking, marijuana use — that we want to provide them the skills to make healthy choices. This K to 12 program was offered by Red Ribbon Project in middle schools for many years. Mountain Youth expanded the program so every elementary and high school is able to participate, for a more effective continuum of services. This substance use prevention program is proven to reduce the risks associated with initiation of the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, violence and other risky behaviors. We role play with young people, helping them negotiate challenging situations — and provide them with a safe place to turn when they have questions.

Contact Stevi Bratschie, Community Education Manager with questions.

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