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Valley’s Voice is a catalyst for change in Eagle County. It is a one-stop-shop for youth to have a voice, be involved, and make impactful change. Led by a Youth Executive Board, Valley's Voice is comprised of young people ages 10 to 25. Valley's Voice hosts events across the county to collect input on key issues for youth so that projects and progress can be facilitated. 

It is through Valley's Voice that every youth in the county will have the opportunity to serve, be rewarded, and be recognized for their contribution to improving youth issues. Valley’s Voice spans several past programs including Youth Leaders Council and encompasses CTC youth advisors and other young people in our community. This youth-led, adult-supported program focuses on education and community service projects — giving young people a voice in programs that impact them — anything from helping build a playground to organizing a canned food drive; writing a book to clean up a park.


Young people are encouraged to be part of the program and make a change in Eagle County.

Our Values


  • Creativity: Students are able to explore their own creativity while creating community projects. 

  • Passion: Students are committed to reaching the goals of their projects in order to make positive change. 

  • Leadership:  Students are able to learn and apply leadership skills in order to empower and create well-rounded youth in our community. 

  • Inclusivity:  Mountain Youth seeks to include all facets of Eagle County youth. Students will be able to see past their own biases and include underrepresented voices.

Our Strategies

  • Empower:  Youth are encouraged to be empowered by their community by being involved in committees and passion projects, in order to promote positive change. 

  • Educate:  Valley's Voice empowers youth to take the expert role in educating the community about issues that are significant to them. 

  • Entertain:  Host various events that are "For Youth, By Youth" in order to improve mental health and the overall quality of life for young adults in the Eagle River Valley

Contact Cameron Dole, our Valley's Voice Coordinator for more information. 

Our Mission

Valley's Voice aims to provide 6th-12th grade students with 

necessary resources and a platform to create community change.

Our Vision

Every youth is valued, heard and recognized for their expertise

and included in the hard work of bettering our community. 




Recruit, Reward, and Recognize Youth for Leadership Roles in Local Organizations


Leverage a State-Wide Media Campaign in Order to Change Social Norms


Share Already Existing Laws and Policies for Alcohol Use in order to Change Perceptions


Youth Master Plan 

Be a part of a team to discover the healthy activities that already exist in Eagle County, determine where/how more can be added, and then work to develop solutions 


Mental Health 

It is no secret that young people face mental health challenges starting from whom to talk to when the world gets tough all the way to young people who use substances because they seek an escape


Substance Use 

Tired of kids vaping in the bathroom? Want to share information about the harm that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can have on the developing brain? 

You determine your project!

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Our Environment 

Who is taking care of our Earth? How is it getting done? What do we need in Eagle County? This could be your project space


Community Outreach

Our Valley has lots of opportunities for connection, but how can we increase youth connections with the community?



Let's talk about how to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We all belong and contribute to Eagle County's Character. Maybe this is a passion project for you?



It's always important to life each other up. We work to spread kindness throughout our community un a myraid of ways.


Want to make change in other ways? 

Submit your passion project idea!

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