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Our Work

Mountain Youth rallies around the community, providing support, conversation, education and collaboration to help all young people in the Eagle River Valley thrive. We do this through a variety of programs that engage youth while helping adults start tough conversations. We invite you to join us at one of our Eat Chat Parent events, ask your child about our Life Skills for Students class, practice Safe Driving or encourage a young person to be part of something bigger with Valley’s Voice or Communities That Care.

Mountain Youth continues to innovate and expand its offerings to meet the needs of our community. In 2023 and 2024, we introduced intervention programs called We Hear U, Prime for Life, and Guiding Good Choices. These programs are designed to provide critical support and resources for young people facing challenges. We Hear U offers a safe space for families learn to be more supportive and effective within their home system. Prime for Life focuses on preventing high-risk behaviors, and Guiding Good Choices equips parents with the tools to help their children make positive decisions. We are now accepting referrals for all these programs, ensuring that every young person in the Eagle River Valley has access to the help they need to thrive. Join us in making a difference by referring someone to our new programs today.

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