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Valley's Voice

Valley's Voice was started in September 2019.

Valley's Voice is a youth-led, adult-supported program hosted by Mountain Youth in which students across the valley use their voices to create positive change. Valley's Voice pays young adults to create passion projects and plan "for youth, by youth" events that address community problems affecting teens around the valley.

The middle and high school executive boards provide input to community partners with their youth expertise and act as the leaders of the program. Valley's Voice came to fruition during the fall of 2019 through the combination of two youth leadership structures within Mountain Youth: The Youth Leadership Council and the Communities that Care Youth Advisors.  Both of these student leadership opportunities were still based in adultism, where most of the work and final decisions made were by adults vs. the students themselves. 

Young adults have infinite amounts of creativity, ideas, opinions, and overall value to provide for any and every organization. Therefore, Valley's Voice was born as the completely youth-led and adult-supported program of Eagle County. At first, the program was offered only to 9th through 12th-grade students, but we expanded to include 6th through 8th graders in January of 2021.

What Does Valley's Voice Do?

Passion Projects

Design, create and support Youth Passion Projects, which must fall under one or more of the 10 big ideas 

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Connect and positively interact with Community Partners who also work with youth or who would like to help youth

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Plan the Youthapalooza Conference where 6th-12th grade students may present on an issue or topic of interest to them and participate in youth workshops led by external community partners and stakeholders

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Valley's Voice

Valley's Voice

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