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Youth Spotlight: William Richardson

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A local youth who loves to give back and make people smile!

William Richardson is an 8th grade student at Berry Creek Middle School and a member of Valley’s Voice (VV). William has loved being a participant and team member of many Valley’s Voice programs over the past two years. He is a new member of the Youth Executive Board, was a participant at the Sustainable Splash, and was a spokesperson for Youthapalooza. As the spokesperson of this large, annual event in which youth can interact with over 50 local resources and agencies, William did an interview with TV8. He was extremely proud of himself for stepping out of his comfort zone. He thought he might crack under pressure, but ended up finding it so exhilarating. William was grateful for the opportunity to be on live TV.

William feels his greatest accomplishment so far with VV was developing and implementing his idea to have a Dungeons and Dragons night with the support of Cameron Dole, Youth Engagement Manager. William witnessed first-hand all that went into taking an idea and putting it into action. He was pleasantly surprised with the number of attendees, which was over 25 youth, who shared the same love of Dungeons and Dragons as he. This event was so much fun and he loved engaging in the community and connecting with his peers.

William credits his mentors, Ms. Johnson, his art teacher and Ms. Peto, his music teacher for helping him develop the courage to be a part of these events. He enjoys composing music with the “Young Composers." He credits his dad for his love of the outdoors including dirt biking, kayaking, rock climbing, and skiing, He also thanks his mom who helped encourage his entrepreneurship in having a stand selling Samosas at the local Community Market.

William loves being a part of all of these activities in the community because he loves to give back and make people smile. William continues to expand his knowledge and explorations. He is currently in South Africa, where he holds dual citizenship, and loves to spend time with family and be in the beautiful environment. William looks forward to continuing his time with Valley’s Voice and hopes to be a spokesperson for this great organization, and provide more opportunities for youth to get involved in our community.

Written by Michele Zoller, Mountain Youth Operations Manager,

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