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Youth Spotlight: Steven Herrera Gurrola

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

“How could you not love this place” Steven said as he recalled the overall beauty of the Eagle Valley. Steven Herrera Gurrola is just 14 years old, but has been making impacts and impressions throughout the Eagle Valley community his whole life. Steven’s heart is visible to those who are lucky enough to know him, and his hard work ethic should be envied by everyone. Steven has been and influential leader in Valley’s Voice and this year we are excited to have him serving as a Youth Advisor with Mountain Youth. Snowboarding, soccer, school, and supporting his community are some of Steven’s hobbies. Read on to learn more about Steven!

“How could you not love this place” Steven said as he recalled the overall beauty of the Eagle Valley. He lived in Edwards for a short time, but now calls Gypsum home. He’s appreciated the experience, sharing it helped him learn and understand more about different communities and know more about his local corridor. He thanks and calls his parents his largest role models- as they have worked so hard to get their family to where they are today. He enjoys calling the valley home and sharing it with his parents, three sisters, grandma and cousin Bryan. Relatable to many, he recalls camping in the desert with his family as some of the most amazing memories from the last year. “Appreciating time and slowing down are important to connecting and getting to know the people around you” Steven shared.

Aspiring to be an aerospace engineer, Steven knows his career path and is driven to reach that goal. He enjoys reading (sci-fi specifically), and calls “Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut” one of his favorites. This nonfiction novel speaks to a driven mindset and being hardworking, but this isn’t the only place Steven has built these talents. His mom, dad, and other family elders have inspired and mentored him, along with his soccer coach Jim Glendining. Steven has played soccer his whole life and is a goalkeeper for Battle Mountain, and other local clubs. Steven and Coach Jim’s son (1 year younger) have grown up together playing soccer, and challenging each other. When talking about competition, Steven’s mindset is driven and focused; he’s excited to keep getting better and continue supporting his team. His favorite recent memory is making an incredible save against EVHS, where he surprised himself and his teammates and showed his tested skills.

Steven’s kindness is contagious, and while I took him out for ice cream (his favorite) for this interview, he got the door for someone using a mobility assist device. His thought process and actions are a perfect example of what makes Steven a special youth in our community. He encourages youth (and adults) to stay on top of the important things, and take care of your body. When he’s not in the game or school, Steven likes to hangout with his friends at the rec center, as well as the bowling alley and of course, Sundae.

Steven said that he appreciates Mountain Youth because he sees how you can actually make change, and youth voice does not get ignored. His ideas of projects and community impact improvement are ahead of what I could start to imagine, and he’s got the drive to. In 5 years, he hopes to be in an aerospace program at CU Boulder- if not already heading into outer space! He’s gunning to already have obtained an Associate’s degree, and (maybe) playing soccer in college. He’s had this vision for a while and with the passion he speaks to it, I know he will achieve what he puts his mind to. To all the adults- let Steven serve as a reminder that age is not a barrier to success, and determination, passion, and a commitment to making a difference can lead to incredible accomplishments.

Thanks for letting our community get to know you Steven! If you know a youth like Steven who deserves to be highlighted, send us their name and contact information- we’d love to recognize them.

Written by Cameron Dole, Senior Manager of Youth Engagement.

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