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Youth Spotlight : Tyler Morrison

Tyler Morrison is a senior at Eagle Valley High School. Not only is he an outstanding athlete, but also a member of The National Honor Society, holds a job refereeing youth basketball, volunteer tutors, and finds time to share his art with the community.

Tyler demonstrates excellence in the classroom as a National Honors Society member and excellence as a human as he donates his time to tutor in the community. He enjoys working with our valley's youth through tutoring because he believes that he can see in each student their intelligence, strengths, and gifts. He thinks it's during this one on one time that you can turn a kid's internal story around from not believing in themselves to seeing that anything is possible.

This same sentiment in his life echoes in his job refereeing for Middle school basketball games. He enjoys seeing youth connect to the passion of competition and sport and derives great joy from guiding them towards further understanding the rules and regulations while fostering fun and sportsmanship.

Tyler's true passion lies in athleticism. A lacrosse and football player where he has been the football team captain for the last two years, he is also an avid rock climber. In 2019 and 2020, he was voted All-Conference Safety, and it has been through his commitment to team sports that he has learned that you can make a family out of all different types of people. Being on a team means you experience the highest highs and lowest lows and support each other the whole way.

Tyler was the Dare Devil Film Festival Winner & Audience Favorite in 2019 and 2020 for his films "Helping Heart Break, a musical about a girl getting her heartbroken and moving through the pain of that with the support of her friends. His second award winning film was "Artist"; here, Tyler investigates the idea that only once we share our vulnerable, authentic selves with the world can we truly experience success.

Adaptability is Tyler's work for 2021. He hopes that as we move forward with the new normal of our world, we can be kind to each other, offer grace, and use our adaptability skills. He connects with Charles Darwin's quote: "It is not the strongest, or the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

In the fall, Tyler will attend either Michigan University or Colorado University. Mountain Youth wishes him the best of luck for the future!

By: Amy Baker, Family Education Manager

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