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Youth Spotlight: Scarlett Jones

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A Big Comfort Zone - Scarlett Jones In Eagle, there is a girl wearing a pink helmet, commonly found on a skateboard or E-bike, and she might be the most impressive 7th grader in the county. She was the only woman SUP’er (stand up paddleboarder) in her age group at the GoPro games this year, led the organization of a community cleanup, and served as a youth advisor for Mountain Youth. In short - Scarlett can find herself out of her comfort zone pretty easily. Maybe she’s just got a big comfort zone? Calling the Eagle Valley home for over half of her life, she moved here from Michigan when she was five. She recalls jumping off her counter for fun with her brother… and there sets the stage for this adventure-full smiley girl. As any middle schooler, Scarlett is exploring sports and found enjoyment in volleyball and soccer. Last year, Scarlett gave softball a try when her friend's team needed an extra player for the last couple of games. Stoked to jump in and help and try something new (as she totally does), she scored a home run in one of the games. Scarlett’s dedication to her community and the environment is an inspiring example of youthful leadership. As a youth advisor for Mountain Youth, she spent the summer committing herself to her role, dedicating more work hours than any of her peers. One of her standout initiatives was spearheading a community cleanup project. With unwavering energy, she aimed to not only clean up the environment but also instill a sense of responsibility in fellow youth. Scarlett's creative approach involved combining fun and education through games and even a reusable water balloon fight, fostering an appreciation for a healthy, clean environment. Her passion for environmental activism isn't just a project; it's a genuine reflection of her values. She challenges her peers, asking them to consider why they would harm the very place that sustains their lives, and encourages treating the environment with the respect one would show to a mother. In Scarlett's own words, "Get out of your comfort zone, it's okay to be scared, you've got to get out there and try new things." Her candid advice to her fellow youth is a testament to her own journey of pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown. And while Scarlett might be young, her wisdom isn't confined to her age. She believes that age doesn't define knowledge, reminding adults that youth have much to offer. With a dash of humor, she wonders if adult skepticism stems from a tinge of envy – a reflection of the vibrant accomplishments and boundless possibilities the youth represent. Scarlett Jones, a trailblazing 12-year-old, continually breaks molds, bridges gaps, and paints a future where comfort zones are meant to be expanded and where the joy of participation knows no age limits.

Written by Cameron Dole, Youth Engagement Manager for Mountain Youth.

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