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Difference Maker - Carol Johnson

This month’s difference maker has not only made a difference in the community, but she has made an amazing impact at Mountain Youth. An Eagle County resident since 1989, Carol Johnson has held a variety of marketing and public relations positions for several organizations in the valley. Carol has served tirelessly as the Community Education Manager at Mountain Youth for the past five years. She has brought a wealth of experience, energy and knowledge to Eat Chat Parent and other family education events. She has a passion for helping other, which may be attributed to her education at Boston College, where the Jesuit motto "Men and women for others" stands strong. We know firsthand that Carol continues to embody that mantra of service today.

Since day one, Carol has embraced our office with so much energy and enthusiasm for the work that it has encouraged us all to push the envelope on how we’re supporting the community. She is a kind, insightful, spirited, passionate, and positive individual. What has made Carol unique and such an asset to our community is that she listens genuinely and takes input to heart in order to make improvements. She listens with great care and concern- a quality that is hard to come by these days. We have seen what true passion looks like through Carol, and she has inspired us to improve.

Anabel Johnson, Mountain Youth’s new Youth Engagement Coordinator, has witnessed Carol's hard work and dedication to this community her whole life. She remembers myriad dinner conversations about how Carol’s work was helping so many, whether that be with their parenting skills or improving their children' mental health, leadership, and pro-social skills. Anabel specifically remember when she won a community award for her incredible development of the Eat Chat Parent program, and how proud she was to be improving the lives of people around her.

Carol’s innovation and creativity have enabled substantial growth with specific programs and Mountain Youth as a whole. Carol led the rebranding of Dinner & Dialogue to Eat Chat Parent. She cultivated instrumental partnerships to expand the impact of our family education work, bringing in inspiring and well-respected speakers to educate our community on important and timely issues. Carol has recognized the impact of bringing parents together and offering them support. She follows national best practices and sees to it that her programs and Mountain Youth are at the forefront of what to pay attention to. Carol has embraced participant evaluations to a significant extent and used them as a compass to make program decisions; a true gift. Carol has brought to this community a much-needed space for families to begin to talk about mental health. For that, we are all better at breaking down stigmas and connecting with each other. Eat Chat Parent events are a lifeline for parents; an opportunity to socialize with other parents and realize they are not alone in some of their struggles. Eat Chat Parent provides such a warm, welcoming, safe space for families. Her dedication and energy has created an incredible place where parents can feel supported and empowered.

There is no doubt that she will continue to inspire and educate our community as she transitions into her new role as Director of Programs and Events with Speak Up Reach Out. We are very grateful for Carol’s five years of service with Mountain Youth it has been an honor to work with her. Thank you, Carol, for the tremendous impact that you have made and will continue to make in the community.

Co-authored by Mountain Youth team members Madison Partridge, Michelle Stecher, Mikayla Curits, Amy Baker, Denise Kipp, Anabel Johnson, Andrea Glass, Fernando Almanza, Sandy Schroeder

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