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Difference Maker: Maddie Evans

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A true local, who aims to cultivate a sense of community in Eagle County!

If you have lived in Eagle County for any period of time, it is likely that you have seen the angelic face of Maddie Evans. Whether you recognize her from her time hosting the Good Morning Vail show on TV8, volunteering with local organizations, or emceeing community events, it is not uncommon to see Maddie out and about around the county. She is an energetic young professional who makes it a point to immerse herself in all that this community has to offer.

Maddie is a true long-time local, who grew up in Eagle County. She even recalls going to school in Minturn back when there was a public middle school located there. In her formative years, Maddie made strides in the world of competitive alpine skiing. Despite her comparably tiny frame, she excelled at the sport from an early age, and found her passion out on the snow-covered mountains. After some sports related injuries, and as Maddie developed other passions in her life, she turned her competitive skiing career into more of a hobby (although you can still find her out on the mountain as much as possible every winter!) When she is not on the mountain or outdoors, she can be found with her Great Pyrenees rescue dog, Beatrice. Maddie is an advocate for these big dogs and stays involved with her mother’s Great Pyrenees rescue organization, which is based in Utah. She teaches others about the need to find wonderful forever homes for these dogs, because they can be less likely to be adopted out due to their large size. This loving advocacy for these gentle giants is just one more way that Maddie’s caring personality is represented.

Never one to waste any time, Maddie has jumped in with volunteering opportunities around the county. She is proud to take part in Pride in the Park as a volunteer and LGBTQ+ ally. Maddie has also participated in the Buddy Mentor program through Bright Future Foundation. Established in 1983 and based on the national Big Brother/Big Sister model of mentorship, Buddy Mentors strives to inspire and foster youth through building consistent and trusting relationships. Maddie was proud to serve as a Buddy Mentor for a wonderful elementary-aged youth in 2022. Maddie enjoyed hanging out with her buddy and helping to create a sense of community for this local youth and their family.

For the past 2 years, Maddie has served at the emcee for Project Funway, which is the signature fundraisers for the Education Foundation of Eagle County. This event raises money to support the Education Foundation of Eagle County across all areas of its mission, helping Eagle County students, teachers, and schools through grants, awards, programs, mental health issues, and more. Maddie has been grateful for this opportunity, and looks forward to participating each year! She has also emceed other events on our community, such as Power of the Purses and even local comedy shows.

Maddie recently started a new position as the Marketing and Inventory Manager at Alpine Kind, which has locations in Minturn and Beaver Creek. She is excited take her social media and marketing experience with her to promote this wonderful business. Alpine Kind is a mountain inspired apparel and gift store that has a little something for everyone! Maddie expresses appreciation for the owner, Sally January, who is a young entrepreneur who strives to retain employees and help others thrive in the valley by providing affordable housing and a fair salary. You can learn more about Alpine Kind at, and make sure to visit one of their store locations!

Maddie Evans is definitely a community figure you should aim to meet if you haven’t yet already! She carries her positive attitude with her wherever she goes, which you will find is completely contagious! She is grateful that you can find a non-profit in our valley for nearly every passion you may have, and she encourages everyone to find a way to get involved. Maddie states that her advice for the youth in our community would be to allow yourself to enjoy the things in our community that are accessible to you and to take advantage of all of the programs and organizations that can help you with college and career readiness. She also encourages everyone to safely spend time out in the sun, for it is your best friend! Maddie Evans is truly a Difference Maker, and she continues to do great things for Eagle County! Thanks for all that you do, Maddie!

Written by Krystle James, Marketing and Events Manager for Mountain Youth.

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