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Difference Maker: Glenda Wentworth

The most special people come into your life, make a lasting impact, and are so humble that they won't see their effect more than just being a kind human. This type of person is Glenda Wentworth. For many years, Glenda has impacted numerous lives, whether children at the ABC school, individuals who rode at their horseback riding business, youth in 4-H that she taught how to sew, or the countless people who participated in one of her many Colorado State University extension programs.

Glenda is dedicated to helping others grow in every way possible. Our community has benefited from her contributions in many ways, including teaching financial literacy and food preservation safety, establishing equitable access, bridging our community, teaching vital life skills, and supporting the growth of future leaders in our area.

A few of those she has influenced have shared their stories of how she has touched their life.

Orlando Ortiz, a recent graduate of the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), says, from a distance, Glenda Wentworth may seem small and sweet, but her love and passion for our community is so grand and powerful. I have learned so much from her and FLTI. Her dedication is admirable. She is extremely supportive and is always available when you need her--she is swift to respond as well. Glenda is a living saint. She goes to great lengths to make things happen and to ensure everyone is doing ok. Our FLTI program took place during the pandemic, which had to be paused for a number of months, but Glenda kept in touch with all of us to ensure we, including our families, were doing fine. Everything Glenda does for this community is never a job, this is just who she is as a person, and I am fortunate to know her. She has a beautiful soul, and I feel blessed when I am around her."

Franklin Reilly, a local youth who participated in 4-H with Glenda, raves about how she makes the absolute best broccoli and cheddar soup. He continues on about how Glenda made a lasting impact in his life by teaching him independence and valuable skills like sewing.

Community partner and Family Leadership Training Institute facilitator Erik Martinez believes "she is the engine behind the FLTI logistics, and we wouldn't be able to provide the level of program we have been over the years without her involvement and leadership. Her attention to detail and forethought are amazing. She is a great listener and very connected with our community partners around the valley. She has made a difference in my life as an FLTI facilitator by always being there when I had questions about the logistics of the session or any questions I may have regarding the program or the status of participants. This is a lot of work to oversee all these moving pieces, but Glenda does it with care and love for our community and the participants. Glenda has a heart of gold!"

"She has made a difference across all age ranges, providing classes to preschoolers through adult education”, says Beth Reilly, FLTI Facilitator. Any program Glenda was involved with, we'd sign my boys up for, including sewing camp! They have sewing skills to this day! We've also done "America on the Move" with her, the Dog Walk challenge, the School of Social Work pilot program on addressing racism, nutrition education, financial literacy, and more. Every time I step away from Glenda, I'm a better person!”

"All of the things that I've done since 2017 were a direct result of Glenda. FLTI was a class, but Glenda is the heart of it," stated Fernando Almanza, a 2017 FLTI graduate.

Around Glenda, there is no shortage of kind words or expressions of gratitude. People like Glenda, who dedicate themselves to providing much-needed resources and education without expecting anything in return, are a blessing to our community. Thank you, Glenda, for all the work you do!

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