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Difference Maker: Buzz Busby

Sometimes there’s a sign, it might seem like divine intervention or your manifestations coming to life. Or it might be an actual, physical sign that is just as riveting and seems to give you an answer for what you were looking for.

Have you seen the white signs placed around Eagle County? Maybe you’re having a bad day and you stumble upon a sign that says, “You Matter,” or “Don’t Give Up.” Those short phrases really do help, they bring a very real feeling of gratitude.

Buzz Busby is the catalyst behind the signs — he’s a bit of a sign ninja. And people are noticing, and are grateful to see them.

“Every time things get a little weird with me I go out and put signs out,” he explains. A few months ago he had put out signs and his friend, who was suffering, saw it. “He said, ‘You know what, Buzz? I was driving by Agave and it was like a God shot.’ People who have been there know what the signs mean.”

Some of the signs say ‘it’s not too late.’ For the average person, it might mean it’s not too late to go to the grocery, he says, but those that have been there, really know that it means stay here, it’s not too late to get help. And that’s the whole point of his sign campaign — to be thoughtful and provide a moment of help someone who is struggling.

“I am a suicide survivor myself… I’m glad that’s over, it’s all good now. But a few months later, I was experiencing some of that depression and suicidal thoughts and I was like, ‘Wait a minute. If I can help somebody else, it will make my burden lighter.’ ”

He got involved with SpeakUp ReachOut and has been busy peppering the county with signs encouraging all of us stick with it, to reach out. “You are in this dark abyss and once you get out, you are like ‘Oh my god who turned on the lights?!’ ”

Buzz says the signs are an acknowledgement, “It’s… I hear what you’re saying. The thing is to get that little bit of light shining through the crack in the window because it’s so amazing to come out of it and just look back and say oh my god, what was I thinking.

Buzz has hundreds of signs and moves them around so no one “stops” seeing them — but how could we? They are a ray of light. It seems like you really see them when you need a reminder or when you need to see them. He put a few signs up at the Enclave at the Aspens — it has spurred a women’s support group, where they gather to talk and share mental health.

Thank you Buzz for taking on this work, helping continue a conversation or stop someone in their tracks.

As he says,” “It’s so much better to be participating in the solution than living


Do you want to hep? Email Buzz,

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