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Difference Maker: Brittany Kinney

World Full of YES

Brittany Kinney believes in the potential of "Yes," "Yes, it may be hard," "Yes, you can do it!" and, "Yes, I am here to help." It is that dedication and "YES" belief that exemplifies her as a person, community advocate, and this month's difference-maker.

Brittany is currently the Senior Program Manager of PwrOn. PwrOn offers year-round career and college readiness for high school students in Eagle County. Youth in our valley lack the resources or support systems necessary to pursue their dreams. YouthPower365 bridges these gaps of resources and support

Brittany works with students daily, providing one-on-one advice to students on scholarships, community resources, financial support, academic support, SAT prep, college applications assistance, and much more. Her work doesn't just fit in the confines of an average school day. She supports after-school clubs and helps host pro-social events. She even answers texts and emails late into the night from students asking her for support on coursework. Brittany creates innovative and practical strategies that enable students to reach their highest potential.

The word “no” is not in her vocabulary. Finding every possible way to be there for her students, supporting and guiding them, Brittany aims to inspire the YES attitude towards all of her students. "Every door is open for them," says Brittany as she highlights that the world is filled with yes. Brittany believes in all of her students and sets them up to receive 'yes' through knowledge, opportunities, and relationships. She emphasizes the importance of relationships, her awe for the community we live in, community connections, and how these collaborations, apprenticeships, and internships set PwrOn students up for success.

Brittany has made such an impact on her students that one asked her to stay in her role until after they graduate. Brittany is true to the word, “yes” because that student is graduating this year and is successfully prepared for college thanks to the dedication and attitude that Brittany encompasses.

Students aren't the only ones Brittany makes a lasting impression on. "I was excited to learn that Brittney was moving with students to the High Schools with PwrOn," said Ellen Sirico-Filmore with CareerX, "I see how Brittany still has close connections with students and has the inherent ability to translate student passions about college or career into actuality."

To learn more about YouthPower365 and the work Brittany is doing, head over to Brittany's yes-woman mindset should inspire us to take every opportunity to say yes!

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