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Break Up with NIC

In an effort to support healthy lifestyles for our local youth, Eagle County Public Health and Environment and Eagle County Schools Prevention Specialists have partnered with Avon Rec Center, Minturn Fitness, Edwards Fieldhouse, Eagle Ice Rink, and Gypsum Rec, as well as Colorado Mountain Medical to provide opportunities for local youth to Break Up with Nic aka nicotine products.

This campaign comes on the heels of increased Eagle County youth use in e-cigarette/vape products and nicotine products over the past few years. As you may be aware, the 2017 Health Kids Colorado Survey demonstrated a drastic youth increase from 2015 in using e-cigarettes or vape products. Our partnership has created a local campaign to promote wellness and health through collaboration with youth-serving community partners who provide pro-social and healthy activities for our local youth. 

Students will be able to properly dispose of their devices, pods and/or other tobacco/nicotine products at any partner site and in return receive an incentive on the spot and much needed cessation resources. Additionally, ALL students will be able to participate in weekly drawings by pledging to be “Be Nic Free” through an online platform managed by Eagle County Public Health.  In addition to this pledge, those who properly dispose of their tobacco/nicotine products through a partner site, will be eligible to be entered into a drawing as well (all winners will be announced without naming who pledged vs. who turned in product).  “Be Nic Free” pledging will be available for students online each week, which is an opportunity to recognize students who are already choosing to be nicotine free as well as inviting and encouraging users to become "Nic free" as well!

What: Take Back (Break Up with Nic) and Pledge (Be Nic Free) campaign

Who: Local Eagle County Schools students (middle and high school)

Details: Students who participate in one or both of the campaign efforts, take back and/or pledge, will be entered into a weekly drawing for youth selected and very cool swag. If a student decides to properly dispose of their nicotine products/devices at a take back site, they will receive an on the spot incentive and will be entered into the drawing as well! All avenues will provide cessation resources to students.

Partners: Eagle County Public Health and Environment is sponsoring this effort through the taxation of tobacco products in unincorporated Eagle County! The Eagle County School Board is excited and in support of this campaign.

Take back sites: Avon Rec Center, Minturn Fitness, Edwards Fieldhouse, Eagle Ice Rink, and Gypsum Rec, as well as Colorado Mountain Medical clinics

Timeline: Campaign Starts Feb 10th and runs through March 18 (National Kick Butts Day)

Specifics: There will be no school or law enforcement consequence to the student for turning in their devices/products or pledging.

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