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Youth Spotlight: Keanna Boutet

Updated: May 30

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet and get to know the creative, busy, and talented Keanna Boutet. She is a remarkable young individual who humbly wears many hats and is wise beyond her years. Before becoming a committed Youth Advisor in the Valley’s Voice (VV)  program, she was and still is actively involved in her school and community. Among her many endeavors, you will catch Keanna either practicing piano, skiing, playing hockey, or expressing her creative side through art like drawing, clay work, or singing.

At first, Keanna was hesitant to become a Youth Advisor but changed her mind after witnessing the program's profound impact on her family and community. Driven by a newfound sense of understanding, Keanna, along with her supportive family, embraced the opportunity to make a difference and become involved with the Valley Voice mission as a Youth Advisor, which is reflective of her desire to be a part of the power youth hold in addressing real-life challenges. 

When asked ‘In what ways do you believe young people can contribute meaningfully to their communities, and what advice would you give to other youth who want to get involved but might feel unsure about where to start?’ 

Keanna said, “Personally I think youth are much more powerful and have more insight on real-life problems so knowing all that means we should try to fix it. If you want to start to help the community start with VV” 

One cannot overlook the significant influence of mentors in shaping the trajectory of one's aspirations. Keanna, says she would choose to be mentored by the singer Mitski because she feels like she would be someone who understands and could help her. 

With a passion for academic excellence and a strong dedication to hockey and more, she embodies a balanced pursuit of personal and community-driven goals. Her involvement in VV activities alongside other commitments shows a well-rounded commitment to both self-improvement and the positive advancement of our community.

Looking ahead, Keanna envisions a future where her impact extends beyond our community. Keanna hopes to pursue psychology with a focus on helping young adults battle mental illness is a testament to her compassionate nature and unwavering dedication to serving and helping others. 

In the meantime, Keanna plans to remain involved with Valley’s Voice in high school as her part in contributing to her favorite thing about our community which is the kindness of the residents of Eagle County— yet another testament to Keanna's undeniable dedication to making the world and our community a better place.

-Ariana Gonzalez, Youth Liason

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