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Youth Spotlight: Grace Dammen and Amanda Sessler,

Grace Dammen and Amanda Sessler, seniors at Eagle Valley High School, were both chosen for Mountain Youth’s October youth spotlight because we could not pick just one. Grace and Amanda work as safe driving youth advisors for Mountain Youth and possess a strong passion for educating the Eagle River Valley on safe driving practices. Amanda became involved in safe driving work in March 2020 after she saw the need for community education for safe driving practices, particularly in the Valley, where driving becomes especially dangerous during the winters. Noticing the need for education, Grace became involved in safe driving work in May 2020, to assist in making the community more aware and conscious of how to drive safely. Grace and Amanda both know how to see a difference in people’s mentality towards driving - noting that “it can’t be taken lightly.” They spread education messages and tips on how to drive safely on their Instagram page, @safedrivingco.

Amanda and Grace’s passions do not stop at safe driving work, however. Both young women are involved in a variety of extracurriculars in the community. Dancing since she was three years old, Grace is now captain of her high school dance team. Grace also possesses an enthusiasm and skill of baking, spending her free time working for a local bakery; one day Grace hopes to turn this passion into a career. Amanda enjoys the perks of having a baker as a friend - getting to enjoy the delicious foods Grace shares. Amanda has played on her high school LaCrosse team since freshman year, and while she thoroughly enjoys the sport, her favorite part of the sport is being on such an inclusive team. She also spends her free time reading and hiking, her favorite hikes being Village to Village, and the Vail Berry Picker.

In college, Amanda hopes to spend time studying abroad to learn about the diverse cultural experiences which exist in other countries. Grace also hopes to continue her passions past high school, focusing on community nourishment. Community nourishment projects work to ensure that all people have access to foods necessary for their growth and health. Eagle River Valley will miss Grace and Amanda, but we are extremely excited to see all they accomplish going forward, with their driven attitudes and eagerness to make a difference in their community.

In the words of Grace and Amanda, “people need to be more aware of driving safe and educated on how to do that.” For tips and tricks on how to ensure you are driving safely - make sure to follow Grace and Amanda’s Instagram page! @safedrivingco

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