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Introducing the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Dashboard

The Biennial Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) asks local youth about health topics, including exercise, diet, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, mental health, suicide, bullying, health care, and sexual behaviors (high school only). The survey also asks young people about school life, school safety, trusted adult relationships, and other factors connected with healthy choices.

Mountain Youth coordinated the administration of the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey for the seventh time over a twelve-year span in November of 2019. Partnering with 14 public and private schools, 3,786 students were surveyed, providing valuable insight about 6th -12th graders in the Eagle River Valley. This insight allows educators, nonprofit leaders, policymakers, and community program providers to keep a pulse on the behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions of young people in the community.

This data is used to steer programming and secure much-needed resources, helping local and statewide policy efforts by utilizing the identified strengths and barriers facing youth. HKCS data helps bring in millions of dollars annually for community partners to support identified needs.

Mountain Youth has worked hard to ensure the community can access aggregate-level Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data in years past via a report. Shifting towards a dynamic dashboard where users can pull information based on their unique interests or work will lead to more transparent and timely data analysis for our partners and the public,” said Mountain Youth Executive Director Michelle Stecher.

Mountain Youth has partnered with Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, an outreach of Vail Health, to introduce the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Dashboard to the community. This user-friendly platform allows for a better understanding and breakdown of middle and high school youth behavioral data. The dashboard incorporates data from past years to recognize trends. Users will be able to filter by various demographics for 2015-2019 data.

The dashboard is accessible in English and Spanish. It breaks down the information from different behavior areas by years and allows users to filter by grade, age, gender and ethnicity.

"The HKCS serves as a primary data set in understanding youth behaviors and is incredibly valuable in helping the district adjust programming to be responsive to changing youth behaviors and attitudes," said Phil Qualman, Superintendent of Eagle County School District.

Viewers can access the dashboard by visiting or selecting the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey under the “Our Work” tab from

Watch a video on how to navigate the Dashboard here -

The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and Dashboard are possible in part thanks to supporting from all local schools, the United Way of the Eagle River Valley, Eagle County Government, the towns of Avon and Gypsum, SAMHSA, Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, University of Colorado Denver, and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, an outreach of Vail Health.

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