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Difference Maker: Kevin Armitage

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Kevin has impacted youth lives both on the field and in the classroom.

Kevin Armitage in every sense of the word is our Difference Maker. Kevin has put in countless volunteer hours and influenced hundreds of young people's lives in our community. Many of you know him as Coach Armitage from his 10+ years coaching almost every sport offered during his years as a volunteer coach for WECMRD/Mountain Rec from Wee Sports thru 5th grade. He then continued his coaching journey as the Eagle Valley Middle School Football coach, winning a championship trophy with each grade and finished his coaching career as assistant coach at Eagle Valley High School for one year. He was not only a coach to these youth but also a mentor, friend and a father to two. These coaching years were not just about winning and sport; they were about teaching, making connections, being a trusted adult, all enhanced by his strong sense of family values. Kevin has impacted our youths’ lives both on the field and in the classroom. He has been part of Junior Achievement teaching financial literacy to over 50 classes, as well as being part of Guardian Scholars, a program mentoring first generation HS students in financial budgeting and career opportunities.

A little History of the how and why…Kevin moved to Vail in 1999 with the First Bank Management program, where he started his career in the financial world. One thing this program encouraged is involvement in the community. It’s here where Kevin’s dedication to community service really flourished. He found a personal fulfillment of giving back to the community and the impact one person can have. Volunteering at numerous events often alongside his wife and children. Through the years he learned how he could also make a direct impact as a board member of local organizations. Kevin shared what it means to be an active board member and finding a board that aligns with personal interests, values and goals. Kevin has been on the Home Buyers Assistance Board for 15 years, guiding many first-time home buyers in our community. Additionally, he was part of the Shaw Outreach Fundraising Team. This board brought a lot of fulfillment to some of his altruistic goals and saw this board come full circle in meeting its goals and being dissolved.

Kevin was then looking for a new Board to get involved with and was introduced to Mountain Youth and felt his passion of serving youth aligned directly with Mountain Youth’s mission of “All Youth in Our Community Thrive”. Kevin has been serving on the Mountain Youth Board for two years and epitomizes what it means to be an active board member by contributing his financial knowledge as well as his board and community knowledge. He has steadfastly been involved in many of our events, most recently attending Youthapalooza, Sustainable Splash, and a table at Eagle Block Party. Kevin continues making connections, sharing our message and serving our youth.

Written by Michele Zoller, Operation Manager for Mountain Youth.

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