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Difference Maker: Hannah Conoley

Hannah's journey into service in Eagle County began with a desire to ski. "I moved here to be a ski bum," she recalls, reflecting on her decision to pursue her bachelor's degree at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. Little did she know that her path would lead her to a profound commitment to uplifting youth and families in the community.

After immersing herself in local internships with non-profit organizations, Hannah discovered a passion for community service that resonated deeply. "I didn't want to leave," she writes. "There's so much opportunity here to learn and grow while supporting our community."

Driven by a lifelong ambition to make a tangible difference, Hannah's dedication to bringing together diverse voices and empowering unique ideas became the cornerstone of her professional journey. "Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to serve the community and increase opportunities for folks”. She believes in the power of community-led change and the importance of empowering and educating individuals to find joy without relying on substances.

As a vital member of Mountain Youth, Hannah's pride in the organization's mission is unmistakable. They prioritize community feedback in every decision they make, and she’s grateful to work alongside such a passionate team dedicated to making a difference.

Central to Mountain Youth's initiatives is the Communities That Care Coalition, a local group focused on amplifying youth leadership opportunities and combating substance use. "Our coalition members are incredible," Hannah explains, and she’s always eager to welcome more individuals who share their passion.

Reflecting on the challenges facing local youth, Hannah's empathy shines through as she highlights the need for more trusted adults and equitable access to outdoor activities. Young people need mentors—both formal and informal—who can offer guidance and support. And we must continue to provide opportunities for them to have fun and be active without resorting to substances.

"To help youth thrive, what's essential?" Her response is powerful yet simple: "Stepping out of our comfort zones”. As adults, we must lead by example and show a willingness to embrace discomfort. "By doing so, we can better understand the challenges our youth face and cultivate a culture of curiosity and growth."

In Hannah's unwavering commitment to empowering youth and strengthening community bonds, Eagle County finds a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for its residents. With leaders like Hannah at the helm, the possibilities for positive change are endless, a landscape where every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

-Marcus Carter, Senior Manager of Partnerships and Engagement

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