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Youth Spotlight: Gabby Gallegos

Updated: Apr 1

Gabby embodies a relentless drive and enthusiasm for a multitude of pursuits. Currently a junior at BMHS, she immerses herself in various endeavors with genuine joy. A fervent participant in the theater program, Gabby has also been an active member of the Speech and Debate team since her freshman year, now proudly serving as one of its captains. Her affinity for public speaking shines through in this role, marking it as her personal favorite.

Beyond her involvement in extracurriculars, Gabby showcases her innovative spirit through initiatives like revamping "Huskies Happenings" for BMHS. She transformed the mundane information platform from a simple Google presentation to a captivating video format, garnering rave reviews in the process. Furthermore, Gabby's commitment extends to her academic pursuits, evident in her membership in the National Honor Society, alongside her impressive feat of juggling three jobs, which she considers invaluable for broadening her understanding of people.

Among her many accomplishments, Gabby considers her role as the Youth Advisor to the B.E. Partners in Eagle County as her proudest achievement this year. Believing in the significance of youth representation in decision-making processes, she actively contributes her insights to ensure that programs, particularly those focused on mental health, reach as many young individuals in the valley as possible. Gabby's voice resonates as a beacon for youth concerns, offering feedback that drives tangible change within the community. Her integral role in fostering growth and inclusivity within Eagle County is truly commendable. Thank you, Gabby, for your unwavering dedication!

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