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Difference Maker: Kyle Foster

From Thrills on Dirt Bikes to Purposeful Pedaling: Kyle Foster's Journey

Kyle Foster's life has been a testament to resilience and determination, shaped by overcoming challenges and pursuing his passions. Raised by a single mother in Golden, Colorado, Kyle faced hurdles in traditional education until finding his stride at Compass Montessori, where he embraced a self-directed learning approach.

Fueled by a love for extreme sports, Kyle ventured into professional dirt bike riding and freestyle motocross. However, a serious injury redirected his path towards a new passion: cycling. Immersing himself in ski and bike shops, Kyle honed his craft and accumulated invaluable experience.

Despite a brief stint in college, Kyle realized his calling lay elsewhere, founding a ski and snowboard movie business in Breckenridge. As a videographer, he seamlessly blended his filmmaking pursuits with his enduring love for biking. The seeds of his current venture were sown when clients began seeking his expertise in bike repair, leading him to tinker with bikes in his girlfriend's garage.

Today, Kyle proudly owns Seagulls Cycles in Eagle, Colorado, where he champions a philosophy of "Leading with education to dissolve the unnecessary bike shop ego, and understands you can’t live without your bike." Beyond being a conventional bike shop, Seagulls Cycles embodies a purpose-driven ethos centered around community engagement.

Kyle's dedication to customer service knows no bounds, exemplified by his willingness to go above and beyond for every patron. His ambition to be a trailblazer in his field finds expression through active involvement in various community initiatives.

A key driver of Kyle's professional endeavors is his commitment to mental health advocacy. He spearheads community rides, including the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Club, offering inclusive experiences for riders of all skill levels. Notably, his recovery ride, tailored for individuals in mental health recovery, has experienced exponential growth, serving as a beacon of hope and support.

In addition to mental health advocacy, Kyle extends his support to local youth programs, such as Mountain Youth and The Cycle Effect. He channels his passion for cycling into initiatives like bike donations for BFF (Bright Future Foundation) and sponsorship of Eagle Valley Cycling.

Embracing mentorship, Kyle welcomes aspiring young cyclists into his shop as apprentices, fostering a culture of learning and growth. His involvement as a peer support lead with Speak Up Reach Out underscores his commitment to creating safe spaces for dialogue and support.

When asked to impart wisdom to the youth in his community, Kyle emphasizes the importance of authenticity and making healthy choices for a sustainable future.

Kyle Foster's journey is a testament to perseverance, hard work, and a steadfast dedication to destigmatizing mental health. His open-door policy, coupled with a contagious smile, continues to inspire and uplift those around him.

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