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Youth Spotlight: Anya Chavira

Exciting, energetic, and encouraging would be words that I would use to describe Anya Chavira! 

Anya Chavira is currently a Senior at Battle Mountain High School who spends her time being involved with the school. Anya is currently in the YES (Youth. Equity, Stewardship) program and played softball during the fall. While in YES, Anya volunteers her time to go to the local elementary school (Edwards Elementary) and help teach what she takes from YES to the local fourth and fifth graders. While in YES she likes to give out her voice and her perspective to our school admin as feedback to know if they can improve or not. Influencing what goes on in the school!

Anya also takes what she had learned from softball as it is the most recent sport added to Battle Mountain as of 2022. Learning things such as leadership, communication, and having good relations with other people!

Anya enjoyed softball a lot because of how welcoming and encouraging her teammates and coaches were. She said that "there wasn't really a JV or Varsity team because as a team we all just didn't feel that way that we were better or worse and someone else". 

As for in-school stuff, Anya loves and appreciates her teachers a lot. She is super grateful to have an education that was taught by teachers who weren't someone that saw you as a student but saw her as a person.

Anya wants to create opportunities and make school a more diverse place before she leaves and to have a mark on the school. Being a relatively known person in the school, she hopes to use that to impact the school's future and to leave her mark with the school admin also!

-Victor Lopez, Valley's Voice Youth Advisor and Student at Battle Mountain High School

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