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Youth Spotlight: Hannah Litt

Hannah is part of National Honors Society, BMHS drama program, many volunteer efforts, and is a member of the youth executive board that oversees the Valley’s Voice youth leadership and advocacy program. Valley’s Voice facilitates youth-led passion projects that result in positive community change. All projects are youth proposed, led, and achieved. Hannah became a part of Valley’s Voice and Mountain Youth by volunteering at a community event and offering her face-painting services. She was invited to learn more and get involved and she has leaped at the opportunity, creating many lasting positive changes in our community in a short amount of time. Mountain Youth staff member Sandy shares, "Alongside all of the volunteering that Hannah has done with Mountain Youth, she has also contributed her creativity and leadership to Valley's Voice. Her commitment to youth issues is evidenced in the dedication she has to this leadership group."

Hannah’s humbleness, service, and thoughtfulness for others has and will continue to make her a great leader throughout her life. She shared with me a childhood memory about fishing with her brother and father and a comical scenario of two young children holding a fish that was way too big for them and a dad jumping in to help. I asked her why she shared this memory and she said it reminds her of a time before all the stress of adolescence and adulthood unveils. It also reminds her that the little things in life can bring great happiness and help families come together. During this time of social distancing and a time of great anxiety for many, Hannah shares that it’s a change she thinks we can all do. She wanted to remind everyone that if you feel lonely, don’t be afraid to reach out to others over the internet or through technology. Social distancing is hard, and it’s ok that it’s hard, but use it to stay connected to friends and family and laugh about the little things in your day. She also encourages youth to get involved virtually. Reach out to peers to see how you can help them or reach out to Valley’s Voice to see what projects need help: Hannah reminds us to find our hobbies, use art, reach out to others, and remain connected because through our collective leadership we will be there for each other and learn to cope.

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