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Youth Spotlight: Ethan Pyke

The face(t)s of a “Soldier”, Meet Ethan Pyke

Really? A soldier in high school? Every once in a while we get to meet a young person with the heart that battles the teen life that is so hard to navigate for some. He, you will discover, finds strength enough to spar with the issues. A musician, his go-to song is “Soldier” by James T.W., “I’m not a soldier, but I’ll fight through our darkest days.” How does he do it?

Ethan, a senior at Battle Mountain High School, has developed his passions. He is an athlete and received his Varsity letter for his dedication to the Cross Country and Nordic Ski teams at Battle Mountain High School. Academically, he has earned a 4.3 cumulative average and plans to attend college for engineering with a minor in film or music. He sings in the choir and has a lead role in this year’s musical, The Little Mermaid. His voice earned him a precious award, the Maestro Award for the World Strides On Stage National Competition in Anaheim, California. James T.W. continues, “and we’ve come out the other side with something beautiful.”

So, this allows Ethan to, in his own words, “raise others up”. He recognizes that his family has been fortunate enough to raise a family and offer opportunities that other families lack. Now, it is time to give back. James T. W.: “Get on my shoulders and I’ll carry you all of the way”. When Ethan has friends who do struggling with mental health issues, (yes, even his friends have those dark days), he helps them to find a trusted adult and he is there for them as a trusted friend. He will seek the help they need. Through his voice and guitar, he leads younger musicians to develop their own voice as a mentor in his church worship team. He works with the youngers to develop their musical skills whether their interest is voice or guitar. “Only we know where we are going, every day we’re gonna keep on growing” inspires Ethan to be part of solutions.

Ethan works to develop answers to teen issues. He collaborates with the Youth Executive Board of Valley’s Voice to figure out what youth need and how to get those needs met. He shared that social media is often the culprit for teen issues. “People use social media prove they are perfect and that makes others feel insecure.” He has learned to not compare himself to others. He writes his own music and in one song, “Hometown”, he shares how he views the future, “I don’t want to go; but I just can’t stay anymore; I’m ready to spread my wings; fly away and explore.” Ethan will soldier on, with strength he has gained here in his hometown.

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