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Difference Maker- Sue Terbush

A small town Wisconsin girl moved to the Eagle River Valley 30 years ago and is making a big impact in our community. Many in our community have crossed paths with Sue Terbush whether at a neighborhood pot luck, Church, volunteering time at schools, on the sports fields or on the river or maybe have heard her voice announcing Buddy Werner League and State HS ski races. Sue learned from her parents at a very young age that as she stated, “Volunteering makes a Community”. 

Sue has lived her life following this message and models this behavior alongside her husband Dave, who has volunteered his time coaching every sport this county offers and showing their two children Tage and Teegan, both members of Mountain Youth Valley’s Voice, what it means to be apart of bettering the community they live in.

Sue is a leader and role model to 80 girls from Kindergarten to Highschool as the Eagle County Service Unit Manager of the Girl Scouts as well as being a Girl Scout Troop Leader for the past 8 years to 12 seventh grade ladies.  Though these positions she empowers these young ladies learning life skills thru organizing actives with community partners.  Sue organized a “learn to build a campfire” with the Eagle County Wildlife District as well as a “First Aid Session” with the Eagle County Ambulance District just to name two of the many programs she has organized over the years; not to mention organizing the Girl Scouts largest fundraiser managing coordination of 36,000 boxes of cookies.

Many of these young ladies as well as many other youth in our valley have come to know Sue as a trusted adult as Substitute Guest Teacher in the Eagle County Schools and a Sunday School Teacher.  When Covid hit and guest teachers were in high demand Sue jumped in to help without hesitation.  And if not in the classroom, Sue is busy organizing concessions for team sports, setting up dances or supporting the fundraising of the High School Booster club. 

Sues impact with young ladies continues past High School as av20 year member of the National Philanthropic Education Organization as an active member with our local chapter, providing continuing education support for women across the country. An organization she had the honor of being inducted to by her very own mother a 50 year member of this organization.

And it is not just youth Sue is making an impact within our community. The Terbush family have also fostered 74 dogs (so far only keeping 3 of their own thru the years). 

Sue is an inspiration to many of our local youth and families providing opportunities to build self confidence, leadership skills and a path to volunteering all while having lots of fun and laughs making a lasting impact in our community.  

-Michelle Zoller, Operations Manager at Mountain Youth



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