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Difference Maker: Cameron Dole

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Cameron Dole

Written by: Madison Partridge, Marketing and Events Manager

Have you ever encountered someone who exudes positivity and motivates you to strive for more? Keep them in your life if you have. If you haven't already, I'd like to introduce you to Cameron Dole, this month's difference-maker.

Cameron (Cam) Dole is our Youth Engagement Coordinator; wherever he goes, he brings a ray of optimism and a "go get 'em" mentality. Cam recently joined our team and has already made an impression on the youth and community partners with whom we engage. Cam was first introduced to us through a Zoom interview led by many members of our Valley's Voice executive board, and wow, has there ever been a more energetic and vibrant interview? Cam is a ball of energy, and the youth feed off of it.

Some people have a natural ability for working with children, which is why Cam's parents told him from an early age that he would work with youth since he had a natural talent for it. He did not believe them until he started working at a summer camp in Montana. That's where he got a sense of the influence he could have. His true passion for working with youth started when he became a swim coach. He was able to channel the energy of the youth, build up his own, and funnel everyone's strengths into a purpose or idea.

Cam saw his potential and pursued it, he continued working as a camp counselor, swim instructor, and raft guide before landing a job at Mountain Youth. Cam has already been finding ways to engage our current you in new capacities. Cam has already begun to think about new methods to engage our existing youth. He provides entertaining activities to Valley's Voice meetings, thinks up fresh questions to ask, and is working on new ways to have our youth's voices heard. Cam has a remarkable ability to bring people out of their shells, push them to accomplish more, and engage them in every way possible.

We are fortunate to have Cam, and we are excited to see what he will accomplish! He is passionate about unlocking the potential of Valley's Voice youth to see what kind of difference they can make in their lives and in our community.

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